Bahasa Indonesia

Surat undangan dari Konferensi Keluarga Fransiskan 1

Surat undangan dari Konferensi Keluarga Fransiskan 2

Materi Pengantar

Pokok-pokok Pemikiran dari tradisi yang berbeda

Pertemuan inter-religius

Doa Eukumenis

Misa Katolik

Doa Fransiskan

Doa Permohonan untuk Ibadat pagi dan ibadat sore

Gambar Gambar


4 Responses to “Bahasa Indonesia”

  1. Sono felice di aprire un COFS web
    siamo da Indonesia
    molto felice di trovare un ofs web mister

  2. Thanks so much for this information. The peace movement should be endorsed continuously in this world of terror and horror.

  3. I am really happy to know this web and to know the program.What a special blessing to the worl. What a miracle for the Fransiskan Family, for Francis Assisi and his brothers and sisters over the world. My special appreciation and my special prayer for the progress of the program.
    God bless the the activities and all the participants

    Henri Sihotang OFM Cap, Province of Medan, Parapat, Indonesia.
    24 Juni 2011

  4. Grazie mille per la vostra buona intenzione di presentarci questo fonte dello spirito d’Assisi nella nostra lingua Indonesia. viva Indonesia e viva i frati indonesiani

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